25 May 2007


For Chickie

I saw this little guy in the shower and called the Cat's Mother.
Her reaction:
"Ag shame he is so small, only about 3 inches accross"
You can clearly see that she has been married to me for more than 8 years now.

Before our travels in Africa she would have freaked.
He also misses a leg I think, that is if I can still count.
We left him and he crawled back into the drain pipe whence he came from.
I also show typical african standards for tiling in the background.
So all this joy does not come without a price.

Visit the Circus off the Spineless and ask anybody there for the genus or specie or latin name for this boykie. Here they are , depending on where I am posting from. either a snack or a mild pest.

For Chickie and other Canadian readers, and readers from other cold climates, I want to add:
: I have seen this youngster's parents, they are 28 inch, flesh eating monsters, they take after my one self, violent to the core. That's why I do not have a photo, yet, I'm still biding my time.
As soon as I have the replacement lens that I ordered from Jo'burg, the one they ate, I will post some piccies.
Oh Sorry, Cowboy blob has posted a picture of the the smaller female

Here is my cousin Keesie the Third (he's a complete nerd) exlaiming:

"I'm sorry Kees, but this one has no fat"

So this is also my entry for the Cowboy Blob Photoshop Competion.

Your benevolence overwhelms me...GAAAACK!
Chickie Homepage 05.27.07 - 1:06 am #
Good lord....that is enough to make you never take a shower again! I thought "Psycho" was the cure for not bathing but your spider is the winner.
LeeAnn 05.26.07 - 6:57 pm #
please ask the cats mother to call me. I can't get hold of either of you.
Lil Pumkin Homepage 05.26.07 - 12:39 pm #

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