23 April 2007


Photoshop for Blob

That time of the week at Cowboy Blob again

The sharpshooting Cowboy gave us this.

I thought that the picture was not militaristic enough so I added some big ass weapons.

BTW can somebody identify the tank for me please.




Awesome! Where do I sign up?

Light Tank M3A3 (Stuart V) 1941

hammer Homepage 04.23.07 - 11:26 am #


what tank?

GUYK Homepage 04.23.07 - 4:28 pm #


Well, that's the first decent excuse for a pink gun I've ever seen.

BobG Homepage 04.23.07 - 6:26 pm #


Ahhh! women love a man in Camo!

Rex Homepage 04.24.07 - 2:33 am #

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