28 February 2007


Barbary Lion

Picture from here from 1898.

Picture from here

I have never seen a Barbary Lion.
As they came from North Africa they were the ones that the Roman gladiators fought against.
They are now extinct in the wild.
There are a number of them in Tampa Florida at a sanctuary.
The true difference between the Cape and the Barbary lion is now being checked out with DNA testing.
They grew to 500 lbs and ten ft in length.
There are actually several breeding programs, notably in Europe, where zoologists try with good success to re-breed the Barbary Lion. Barbary Lions, also known as Atlas Lion or Nubian Lion, are the largest subspecies of all lions. -Othmar Vohringer-
Othmar Vohringer Homepage 03.01.07 - 4:09 am #

My Edgar Rice Burroughs taught me that the North African lions had the black manes. Of course, he was a penny novelist, so the 'truth' may not be out there...
Velociman Homepage 03.01.07 - 7:24 am #

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