15 June 2006


GROSSOUT BLOGGING - The first salvo


We have lots of patience, lets wait.
Let us see to what grosnesssss the combatant's from the rest of the world can go to

Update Heh: My time advantage is nought now, this can go in circles forever. LOL.
Not fair!!! You're using pictures of wild, African animals to achieve grossness. I think that's against the rules, which I'm gonna make up some day.

Pictures of really ugly wimmen in nekkid poses are allowed. But only one picture per post. If they're pissing, that's okay. But no ca-ca photos, please.

I agree to the terms.
Twenty paces, turn, Smile.
I must warn you Acidman that I also invited Guyk and Ellison to the challenge, not that you have not done that, but I gave them early warning, they are most likely smelling fart at this stage.
My first reaction was "ewwww" then it imediatly became "coooooooool".
Wow! That lion is doing some serious chowing-down on that buffalo; are their guts really that tasty, or is the lion starving?
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