08 April 2008



I run a strictly PG 13 blog.

I have been challenged by a blog called BOOBIES AND BEER here in the comments, he, Ralphd00d said...I think I need to post (avert you eyes) something a bit skinnier on my site to fix my eyesight.
Friday, April 04, 2008 7:58:00 PM

Now Gentleman and Ladies, what MUST I do?.

I must confess that I have absulutely no experience of either boobies or beer and I need help a fuckin lot of it, remember Girls and Boys that I would not be in this position but for the likes of you egging me on, from my shy natural self I could never ever have landed in this dillema, please mail me pictures of your mother's and wife's and girlfriends, that is it, keep your mother's and wife's photos and send me your girlfriend's, other than that, just wish me the best or send serious advice as you are my blogroll.

I accepted the challenge here in his comments.

As Ralphd00d said in times before recordings were possible: "Give me a Boob and Give me a Beer and I will deliver"


On Mondays, when we all (except Guyk and Bane and Eric) are wishing our jobs away, must, if you want to (not be hissed at) post a Boobie (male or female), or a Beer picture.

This is Monday, OK.

I allmost posted this piccie, but realised soon enough that it had no boobs and no beer, stupid me.

If I want this blog to step out and face the pro's, I better get a wake up.

Then again, symbolic piicies like the ones below, does not deliver, does it?

Or does it?

I suppose that Rex would like to use this sign at the Beer Camp Blog

But still no boobies?

My Blog's reputation is on the line, you know.

And then I remembered, there was this waif that was allways asking for clothes, I shot some dassies (rock rabbits) and covered her, photo evidence below.

She is older than me and that makes her old enough to be your mother, stop drooling.


Just because you asked, Keesie, here you go... and you're the only person other than Old Crankypants I'd do that for!

Omnibus Driver Homepage 04.11.08 - 12:32 am #

... don't you worry, brother.... that was a GREAT picture.... and hey, I've drooled over lots of people's mothers before......

Eric Homepage 04.09.08 - 3:24 am #

Here ya go, Beer and Boobies in the same bottle. :o)

Joan of Argghh! Homepage 04.08.08 - 4:36 am #

Good on you, let them swing.
No need for Ouch!
Boobies AND Beer is on.
keeskennis Homepage 04.08.08 - 3:00 am #

Ouch! Well, it is Monday, and now a bit later in the day, but Okay - I am in. Boobies or beer.
Ralphd00d Homepage 04.08.08 - 2:09 am #

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