21 April 2007


The Octopus

I was instructed by MrsJoseGoldbloom to educate everybody about octopi.

And if you can show me a living person that has ignored a instruction from her, I'll look like a baboon.
As I am a land based animal I had to swot up some facts about octopi.

They don't fly very well.

They have 8 legs. But I have never seen one climb a tree as good as me.

The rumour that rumoured that a date with Kees is like a petting session with a octopus, was started by jealous male rivals and is entirely wrong.
Stupid assholes did not know the word, octopi.

They come in all sizes from 6 inches to plenty feet.

They mostly start off as bite size snacks.

The also make money by posing for statues that are then made into yewelry.

I aquired a pair, but I dont think they suit me.

I don't think they have enough brains to tame as household pets.

You should try this, it makes you brave. (see French - Ed)

Now download this and colour it in (do not cross the lines) and send it to Goldbloom.

LOL Kees. Well there you have it, all the things one could possibly want to know about octopi. Once again Kees you have succeeded in educating us who are naive to the ways of the animal kingdom. By the way I thought the earrings looked quite lovely on you. [hehehe] I think I'll skip the tasty morsel though, for some reason my stomach is all queasy...now if you'll excuse me I think I have to hurl.
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 04.21.07 - 7:32 pm #

I use octopus in sea food gumbos..not bad eating

GUYK Homepage 04.22.07 - 3:14 am #
oh, I forgot to add..best cut them up before you pitch them in the gumbo pot..they will crawl out otherwise..
GUYK Homepage 04.22.07 - 3:14 am #
They'll Crawl out??? EWWWWWW! Okay now I'm definitely going to hurl.
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 04.22.07 - 5:33 pm #
I like octopus in gumbo also.
BobG Homepage 04.22.07 - 8:01 pm #
The earrings...only you, Kees could carry them off with such... panache.by the way... the one with the balloons? that's what it looks like when they lay eggs. 'course, they then hide themselves in caves and die..but one can't have everything.
Nancy Homepage 04.23.07 - 3:02 am #
On my honeymoon in Mexico my wife ate an octopus pot pie with tentacles hanging out of the crust. I almost puked.I wouldn't kiss her till she brushed the suckers out of her teeth
hammer Homepage 04.22.07 - 11:40 pm #


It is the season for the race to aquire Lord Stanley's Cup in the hockey world. Rabid Detroit fans smuggle in dead octopi to throw on the ice to show their support.

Maeve Homepage 04.24.07 - 2:59 am #

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