11 June 2006


Never give up

A story from Guyk made me think of this.

I wonder whether any of my American redneck readers can tell a story about turning a paddle butter churn, or whether they have allways bought butter in a wrapped rectangle.

Anyhow these to frogs, by being tooo inquisitve, found themselves in a bucket of freshly milked milk.

They swam for a while and then one said, "I am tired".
They swam for another hour and the Tired one said, "I give up, I will drown myself now".
He did.
The other one kept on swimming and swimming and swimming.

The next morning the farmer found a bucket with butter and one dead frog inside.

The moral of this story has ruled my life.

"As daar kak in jou lewe is, buig jou rug en werk harder."

(If there is shit in your life, bend your back and work harder)

All my pumkin's will agree that this is the case, with my life, and they have hopefully all learnt well.
It does not pay a dividend to piss and moan.
Great advice, Kees..
Good story. An African Aesop's fable? And by the way, this farm girl has churned butter.
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