03 May 2006


The colour's of the sea - Where I live - for Libby

From Charming comments.

Looks beautiful. I didn't know the ocean in Africa was blue like the Carribean.

Can I get this right .. Turquoise (I spell checked - coward - ed)
Some twirling skills being taught.

Lets go and make our living in the blue yonder.

Ooopsie, how does this work amongst all this green.

My feminist's side fails and I say blue again.

More twirling and more orange.
Those pillows are the one's that my wife and I cart around the world for our OWN comfort, damn kids.

A island as you approach Zanzibar

The Primary colours

Told you so !.

"Some of these pictures came from instamatics in the 1970's that were scanned and emailed and alterred and might not reflect the current concept of colour or mass or age of the subject"
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