11 August 2011


Da Future, Da present, Da Past and Da Keesie campaign to kill socialists

As all things here we deal in the visual.
The links to my female roll is invisble as I am disapearing into the jungles of siera leone for about 40 day, so my face will be healed by the time I return. The blood of course, I will wear as a badge of pride

So feel free to add your visual bits: NO WORDS alone


ON your own blog of course with links in my comments

BHO just contacted me and told me to say: WE CAN CHANGE ALL OF THIS, yes we can.

Asshole without a pause, dat wat he is.

NOW: Get into my Heading

We can only hope that our aim is true.

Da guys and da gals on da right is correct, we do not need no fucking gov'ment

Whoo whhooo, Titties rule

A lady

And a gal , posed or not

Nice eyes

True girl and woman

Legs are vely vely goot

Stu can have his socialistic orgasm right here


He and Germany can go back to the Deutchmark and fuck the Euro in the Eye



It is all about being nice to all peeps all the time no fucking matter how useless they are

C'mon Kees, you can do better than that! where is the

Savage Sarcasm

Indecent Irony

Cheap Claptrap, the

Kees Kennis we all know and love?

How about I was working and did not have time for crap?

The fabulous fantastic twins

But hey, I'm wanking at you (wanking is the correct past tense for having winked)

Your choice ( she will primaty Obama)
You read it here for the 22289076 th times FIRST

False but accurate

Right about here I tink Da Froth would like to say someting about Toads

You better beware

I warned you
And I think you can listen up to da Parkway Guy and learn how to spit (aauughew pqnes)

Ok, Ok I will buy your pussy some corn

"OK I will go with you then as my pussy is right out of corn"

"Mr Obama, I did told you not to put toos many taxes on da donkey"

Goody, photoshop or not

You spent to much, dat is what went wrong

Monica with her mouth open and not full (or partly full) for the first time in the Clinton era

It was only like yesterday that Monica was crawling arround the white house and putting things in her mouth

GB 41 and who?

GB 41 in retrospect

As I am writing this effin awfull postI am tingking

My Ladies can supply beterder pics about "LIPS"

I am Tinkin about

As Dabitches appear on my roll I link dem
Erica (Da Photog and Da Brooklyn gal)

Maeve (Da Mother and Da Witch)
Bonita (Da Mother and Da Cook and Da Photog, not to mention Da canoeing skilz)

Joan(Da Boat Captain and Da Anarchist and Da Fountain of words)

Libby(Da druggie Counselor and Da Whatsis in Fashion)

Misty(Da Lost in the mist of Time but battling with swords, non fluffy whatsis blond)

Key(Da Dead to all of us MF's)

Becky(Da Mother and untrainable woman)

Kim(Da what can I as a mere mortal man say, Da dog is Queen)

Leslie(Da driver of some serious sex and common sense)

Nancy(Da plant gal of choice if you gotta learn sometin)

Dax( Da Mother who who wants to fight but can't travel)

K(Da women for when you lost it and want to go on, courage, go there and help by commenting)

Cindy(Da missing rainbow)

Rosie(Da rough mountain sex gal with way to much love for all Da animals and peeps arround, dis gal skers me, big time)

Jody AKA "The Hunters Wife"(Da Mother that commented here once)

Jayne(Da "Nice to meet you Ma'm, now dat you are living in Africa, can I do someting to please you, I do not want to be chopped up, I retract everuthing I've said before, please)

Megan(Da Business gal with reel sens)

Ann(Da leftie/rightie prof in WI)

Fish(Da Youngster woman and not yet a Mother)


Your guess is as bad as mime

He got what he deserved
(This is Hypo Marx's congrats to JFK for being elected)

Fucking Marxist

Fat Cat

My My what a poepol

A poepol liar

About to kiss who?

Da truth

I am sure dat Da Cajun would agree wid me about da LBj

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