26 November 2010


NO Shit, this is you

No of hits and Comments by his holiness KK

7,283 Hi's N'0t french He is Ca'june'e, but he is high voltage and a higher man, my Buddy
4,828 I'se like myself
3,733 Oh I like Scotsman myself, so I know how his wife feels. Oh I know I am playing with the Lion's testicles, but it is better tan farting, OK.
2,693 Since I have only won 4 or 5 times He is now thinkin to rejoin the Army to go to N Korea, GO BLOB MY BUDDY GO
2,513 Canadian geese and good redneck comes to mind, Love well my friend
2,411 Aw Shit I missed, a Buddy
2,329 Now dead on the itntarwebs, jou poes
2,319 Not my buddy, Our love is heterosexual and essential and soapy
2,020 Start living you konte
1,979 As above but, buddy, with the Lust Of Life muted
1,336 I'll send you a pic of my latest tat on my dick ( No 4 in a final series of 11), it depicts the crossing of the Delaware
1,166 Asa above but on my wife's tit
1,122 WTF can a mortal say except ASU, UAS,USA, SAU, SUA, Wi we WIN
1,071 RIP a buddy I hope
1,061 Him and Stretch needs some crazy, come and see the Serengeti with me, with the jUjU woman
1,010 THE Ark is the best, TA
989 Phil is a Buddy with a sense of weeeerd. That is as to the USA, in Africa he is cool
952 Not my buddy, Our love is heterosexual and worthy of dogs
942 A hoosier buddy by a boy sounds too corny, so come and shoot with me
887 You've got to be Joking, a real man from New Jersey, a buddy
816 Kill dem devils MY Buddy and RIP
622 Scew or asylum dem ol togedar
585 Come and get bitten, by AFRICA
575 Hi Sam, a buddy
530 Nuts, scary in how much he knows, a buddy and a bery good Jew
524 Nuts, scary in how much he knows, a buddy
513 So lucky I am too old for her
494 You still alive?
466 Love the Boy and he will love you. Happy forever I wish for you
428 Hi Youngster keep cooking you old shit
411 Keep it coming
388 Every time I use my ladder she Klaps me down
360 Now Sadly under the hammer at the sheriff's, but a buddy
360 m I can say ROUEAAAAR but that is patented
347 Our love is flowery
313 Our love is floating, score me some shit please
231 Ta for keeping it real
218 Old shit, but a Marine still, And a Buddy
207 I techno, for what?
204 Ta You Beauty
190 We like oil and true love
187 You pig stealer you
184 I have a more normal one, but it is for sale
180 l
170 Despite what Maeve says I have a licence for a short bus
170 A Baboon like me, NOT
143 A Buddy, right here
139 Ta Bob, a Buddy
136 Our Love is younger than both of us
135 Like above, but younger
109 I did, sometimes
102 He is as ded as ded smoke can be, but still living, EUreKa
95 A strong Man and a Buddy
92 Goeiemore Buddy
92 Keep on shootin
85 Hi K we miss your comments
82 Like the FIFA and all Big body's we should combine and I should win. Ehat you mean, FUCK YOU, you bloody army, you
71 Hey Big Boy, you got fuckoll to say, I know, I know, da environment is effin terr
68 Where is your fucking fight, big boy
65 Come talk if you care to
65 Hi Maxx
65 Get Comments for my sake, OK, a BUDDY
54 l
51 Our Love is persons that kill

31 Now DOI (Dead On Intrawebs)
27 Fucking Irish Shit Piece of Shit Irish From Fuckign Ireland, FUCK

Aw...this made me miss the blogosphere. I now wonder how I ever had time for it!!?! Guess that was back before I was working full-time and trying to do a Master's degree to boot.

Miss you guys...
Hope you are well Keesie...
Dang, Keesie...this is extraordinarily comprehensive...and I will always keep shootin'! :) I think I've shot more than 1,000 photos this week alone.

When are you going to visit me in Brooklyn? Come on, man...it's hard for me to get out to Africa...although, it would be sweet to come home with photos of elephants, giraffes and zebras on my memory card.

Sigh...why must you live so far away?!
I have been bitten. Were I a single man we'd probably be having a beer together right now
Hell man, the Juju Woman, Stretch, and I would love to ease on down and do a little Serengeti work. We're always into a little crazy. Stretch might be a problem though, a few weeks ago that little 12.5 lb. Dackel took on a 1,800 lb. Black Angus bull. Damnedest thing I've ever seen...he is fearless, and damn lucky he's still alive. Those damn Dackels are relentless in pursuit of anything..regardless of its size. I swear, I almost shot that bull to save Stretch's life. It was close.

He is friends with a couple of Rhodesian Ridgebacks...they like him, which is a good thing. He got all up in their faces the first time they met, and they took him into their club.
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my
To Kees, they're ingredients for his braai
Makes me wish I could get over to your neck of the woods and have a beer.
.... keep on keeping on, Keesie.... you know we love you...

You rock Keesie! I'm getting my mojo back and need to start posting more. Worthy of DOGS? I hope purebred and perky and sleek. Hah!
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