16 April 2010



Russia suspends all adoptions to US families

If only this would be true.
If it cannot be troo let Cajun give us some names we could call these peekaboo's, or not.

People that are aware and care should have kids.
Those that do not should have their testicles or ovaries removed after the first child they don't take care of.
And may we happily live ever after.
This all is to be done by ordinance, without the big guns.

I learn new things every day

My latest learning cycle:

Stu posts Military Manuals
I send him and email since the Scot psuedo German does not have a comment service.
It reads:

"Ordinance, I love that word, is extra dangerous weight when you land"

He responds:

"In which case you should be spelling it "ordnance", without the "i" ;-)
Ordnance = ammunition
ordinance = the rule of law.
A dictionary is extra dangerous weight when you write ;-)"

I remark:

"Tue True"

And then add:

"Ammunition" and "the rule of law" is the same.
So an dictionary should be dropped on the enemy before you return to base, with the extra bombs you have.


Discuss, as they say in the Big dog blogs.


presumably (punnily?) you mean 'pseudo' (adj. false, erroneous), which comes from the Greek, together with concepts like corruption, excessive national debt, profligate spending, national bankruptcy etc. for which the rest of the EU (we too) will end up having to pay :-(

And the ordnance? Perhaps from the Latin : ammo, (h)amas, amat... ;-)
One of the disadvantages of thinking that "Ammunition" and "the rule of law" is the same :-

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