20 January 2010


Erections AND Elections have consequences

A possible/probable future as Guyk predicts

No more red or white Rams

In Haiti we have had years and years of voting for the best "hand out" not caring where it comes from.
The same in Massachusette's and the Scott/Marcia votefest.
Wote with your brain, you stoopid fucktard.

I repaid a $20 debt to a person in the States.
Would it be illegal if the day after the fact they contributed to Scott/Marcia?
Now, I haven't gotten twenty bucks to rub my arse, but I'm just asking. OK?

Go Scott Go

The Swimmer needs to go down, deep.
Go Swimmer GOOOO.

I believe in small steps, that is what got us here, to reverse this fuckfest we find ourselves in.
A Brown, not black, win will do.

Game On!!
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