16 November 2009


No photo - A Keesie view

A Keesie view
When you are young you’re Parents, a Dad and a Mom, tell you the difference between Right and Wrong.
If your Parents are Bad the neighbors’ and Friends show you the way.
The government in the background sorta shows the way.
Now like in the USA the GOVERNMENT is not in the background and is in GOOD people’s faces.
Rewarding shit behavior like Single Parents.
I seriously understand that mistakes are made at the marriage age.
But try and be grown up about it and behave like a Gentleman.
We as the Western World have been in a formless shape, like BHO, and we will pay the price for this.
OK, ok, I have a story or a point, in here somewhere.

Personal Liberties are not the end all of fuckall.
And this is where we as a Western civilization have crumbled against the muslim.
They are steadfast in their ideology and we say allow free sex “17 flying groups with 7 extreme positions on anal sex” is one that I missed, but it broke down our resistance to Evil.
Liberty is our downfall.
But we paid a heavy price for our liberty, so we can’t give that away, so we compromise.
“Once the compromise have begun, neither a Virgin nor a Fortress will stand”
Unless we stiffen our backs we WILL BE BOWING TO allah.
I am 56 years old and can retire on the money that I have saved. I fear for my children’s future.
Aw fuck “Take me drunk, I'm home”
Good grouping helps.

Ah, Keesie, you're a man for another time and era. It's all slipping away from us as the brave new young 'uns feel the need to reinvent the world. Much good may it do them, for surely, much harm will come of it.

Heigh-ho, it's a rum go.


You and me, a couple of good rifles, some ammo, and we go out in style, bud.


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