03 April 2009


Who will do the cooking

Four guys went hunting.
Myself and three others.
We decided to draw from 3 short and one long straw, the long straw to take care of the cooking.
"Vulletjie" drew the long straw and had to cook the evening meal every evening for the duration of the trip.
The rules that we decided apon was that whoever the cooker was, his duties would go on until somebody complained, and said complainee would take over those cooking duties.
Day 1: "This is SUPER, well done!"
Day 2:
Day 3:
By now the young Vulletjie have realised that I have offerred him 4 long straws and he was the sucker.
He now mixed buff droppings into the springbok stew.
Day 4: !!!!
Day 5: Me "This tastes like shit"
Vulletjie: "Are you complaining?
Me: "Not really, it tastes like shit but it is very well prepared"

Thank god Andrew did not like to eat shit and he took over the cooking duties for the rest of the trip.
As we were hunting for food and I got the  most meat into the freezer or onto the drying rack and the fact that all meat were to be split 4 ways, I was forgiven.

I have never been the best shot of any group.
I have been the best hunter, if I chose my groups carefully, a lot of times.

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