02 March 2009


Getting Stronger as I age

I do not understand Guyk when he complains like this "Heh, it takes three of us old men all day to do what any one of the three could have done alone in a half a day a few years ago."
I am getting stronger and stronger, I even do things I would not have dreamt of even when I was a muscle bound youngster like Vman, I mean muscles up to the top of his skull, that strong and young.
This morning I carried 200 dollars (USD) worth of croceries from the shop with my left hand. When I was a young strong man, 200 dollars worth of croceries, had to be carried by four men.
That is how strong I am today.
I can't even think of how strong Jimbo is, after all he frequents places where a single vodka costs 19 dollars, he must be able to balance 1000 dollars worth of croceries on his _____ nose, amazing.

Do not let Politicians fool you, Maths is everything.
So how is your bailout working?


t is working as designed by the great one. The rich and middle class folks who work hard are getting poorer and the lazy bastards who live off of the government tit are getting richer. Free money for all as long as you want. We are going down the shitter quick.

GravatarI feel like we are bailing out of an airplane without a parachute...

GravatarTrue, I have been my liquor store my own version of a massive stimulus package. Ever since Election Day.

GravatarBAWAHAHAHAHAHA Sweetthing is getting stronger much in the same way!

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