05 July 2008


Get a bigger Penis

I finaly succumed to the hundreds of spam mails asking me if I wanted a bigger penis and placed an order for the device demonstrated below.
It is also a multi purpose dating tool.

I would advise the parents of this youngster to lock up all their vice-grips if they would like grandchildren.

Oh and this is something that Elisson could never do.

Tip of the hat to the Silverbacks


Uhm, not to be crass but, Elisson being a Man of the Tribe, we shant omit "wouldn't be ABLE to do."

Erica Homepage 07.05.08 - 6:32 pm #

Hey, having the dwarf member never bothered Bill Clinton...;

Dserr8d Homepage 07.05.08 - 4:40 pm #

And would never want to do.

And would never need to do.

Why mess with perfection in all its enormousness?

Elisson Homepage 07.05.08 - 1:16 pm #

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