15 September 2006


Persevere and w..................

This reminds me of a story.

A movie about Paris/Paree showed for a run of 10 days at a small town.
It ended with a scene, where just before the female heroine removes her last garment on a train platform, a train rushes past, and you see effall.

This elderly gentleman came every night to see this film.
After 5 days the staff at the local film palace asks him why he comes to see the same film every night.
He replies:
"I have worked for the railways my whole life, and that train will be late, sometime"

If you look long enough, this guy will crash.
Trust me.
Hahahaha! Nice blog, man. You've got a great sense of humor. Go on!

Have you ever visited The New Yorker web?. I think you will love its cartoons.

Greetings from Barcelona
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