07 September 2006


Kennis from Sitemeter

If you go here and search for "fisk", you will find that KeesKennis is no 7.
Smart heh, but you knew that.
It will lead you here.

MISpelling Lizzard lands me no two spot on gooooogle for "moniter lizzard"

link:http://elisson1.blogspot.com/ on google blog search, gets me no 1 and 5.
How cool is that.
4 months ago I thought google was a newfangled drain cleaning tool.

Elisson (1 l, 2 s's , stupid) is also awarded "blog of the week" by Zero Boss.
I was not consulted.
I know “avoirdupois”. Steer clear of the asshole. Everyone know's that.

Q: What was the Lone Ranger’s mask made of?

No, no, Ellison, it was not the collected, dried, and dyed foreskins of Tonto’s tribal enemies.

on 28 Aug 2006 at 10:51 pm Elisson
I still think it was the foreskins.

A fully-functional mask by day, rub it gently and it becomes…a tepee!

Blog of the week?

nobody asked…BUT… is now on the blogroll. I have always liked ~~~ The Center for Artificial Insemination ~~~
Back in SA we made lot's of money without bulls.

So is Zero Boss.
Good solid, down to earth humor. I like that.

Holder of Useless Knowledge is so much like Kees Kennis, she is also listed.
Rednecks also have presence elsewhere.
thanks for the nod, my 1st!
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