16 August 2006


Cape Town

3 hours on the road
2 hours in Dar airport
4 hours flying (to arive only 3 hours later).
2 hours in Jo'burg airport.
2 hours flying.
Cape town is cold and windy, I am wearing a jacket for the first time in years.
Me and the Cat's Mother is fine.
Ouma is at peace.
The service will be on friday.
... I am so sorry for your loss.... my sincere condolences.....

I have been thinking about you... and I'm so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself Kees
Hang in there, Kees.
Hey chap .. you're in my thoughts ... hope you're hangin' in there ...best, Erica
Just adding my condolences for your loss.
The best to you in this difficult time. Keep up the good work
Peace be with you and with your spirits. My thoughts are with you.
My condolences Kees... Seems like she had a damn fine innings.
Kees, please accept our condolences. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Sorry this is so late.

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