25 June 2006


What language do you speak?

I speak Afrikaans when I dream and when I am having sex.
This is my mother tongue.

However, I do love and admire other languages.

In my life I might not understand everything about English.

Some words in my home tongue, however stand out.

Let us take the current Acid/Cat tiff.

I am not taking sides.

But we need a word here.

My English offers:

:Loose tongue
:Scandel monger (might be 1 word)

In Afrikaans we have a very descriptive word:


It translates into "Gossip Mouth"
But the "Mouth" part becomes "Bek" which is the mouth of a animal, a human has a mouth, a horse has a bek.

If you realy err on the side of gossiping too much we upgrade this to "Skindergat", which tranlates to "Gossip Ass".

Remember the word TweeGatJakkals uses the same "Gat" as SkinderGat.

If you know a word in your language that you cant find in another language, please debate.
I have a Sweedish friend and when I asked her how to say "fuck" in Sweedish I was very perplexed to find there was no translation. They just don't use that word. Or so she said.
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