17 June 2006


The antidote - At last

When a tall dog......

...... says this.

Not fair!!! You're using pictures of wild, African animals to achieve grossness. I think that's against the rules, which I'm gonna make up some day.

Pictures of really ugly wimmen in nekkid poses are allowed. But only one picture per post. If they're pissing, that's okay. But no ca-ca photos, please.


Yeah. Have fun, ya bastid! Just because I'm old, skinny, balding, decrepit, falling apart and... and... what was I gonna say???... oh YEAH--- SENILE, too, doesn't mean that you should pick on me.

But you DO post some really good pitchers.


In My comments

You cringe.


Lisa W. said...

Oh I don't know, Kees; I'd say you're pretty colourful in your own right, luv. :)

You must remember that she is the Mother of this delightful little girl Princess KK.

And that she is married to this Stalwart.

Somebody who said "You have just officially kicked KeesKennis's ass around the block."

And Then Thank (.....), Libby adds her voice

Libby said...
Nice pix. Even the insects are cool in Africa eh?

Yes Libby they are cool, sometimes.

Why do you think that Somebody insects, that boasts about OTHER people asses being kicked around a block, is posing in this picture?

I smell a conspiracy, and it smells worse than Rob's story

I see that Lisa calls him "our fine friend from the South", but she keeps hubby firmly between herself and somebody.


I'm most probably yealous.
But I believe in her judgement.

And then she (bless her) adds
"You're a hoot, KeesKennis"

My hoot has been restored.
I just wanna say Happy Father's Day big pumkin! Check out my blog for the full story. Love you lots!
XXX Lil Pumkin
You're a hoot, KeesKennis
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